After 25 years, Marc Chaton rediscovered his love and passion for photography back in 2009. The images on display here represent much of his work. Marc believes that "this work is the visual expression of my emotional connection to the natural beauty that surrounds me."

Marc started creating images in a high school photography class back in the early 70’s when color processing was making its way into the hands of the amateur photographer. Marc’s exploration of photography continued through college and followed him to Humboldt County in 1979. Inspired by another local photographer, he soon started printing & framing his own work to sell at art fairs and galleries throughout the West. Life's journey can change our goals and focus, and after a few years Marc put photography on hold to pursue other life challenges.

With the improvements in digital photography technologies, Marc has once again put his eye to the camera. He is making some wonderful images of the landscapes and seascapes that surround his home on the North Coast as well as the places that he, his wife Beth and friends travel to. "Making images again has reminded me to get out in nature and to look at things in a different way. To notice how the light illuminates a tree or to see the detail on a log in a creek. My right brain is happy and working again."